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You hear a song on your mp3 player and wish you could play it or perform it with your band but you don’t have the score. This site is just perfect for you. We will transcribe the song and provide you the musical scores of   the instruments used in the song. 



For singers who wish to sing but couldn’t find an accompaniment of a particular song in the market, or for choral conductors in church or schools       that do not have access to accompaniment trax of a song but has the score.   We can do the music for you.



For budding composers who wish to record their songs as part of their personal collection or even someday wish to have it professionally recorded. We will arrange your song and make it sound like a professional songwriter’s song.



You have composed and collected songs that are all handwritten. We can make your scores look professional and you can even publish them if you want to share them to the public.




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